The library collection has grown steadily over the past ten years to 900 books and magazines. Themes include:  The New Cosmology, the Story of the Universe, Ecology and Spirituality, Science and Religion, Cosmology and Theology, Indigenous Cosmology and Spirituality, Earth Ethics, Eco-justice, Eco-humanities, Sustainable Living, Landscape, a Sense of Place, Nature Writing and Poetry, Children’s books and Education. These resources are available for borrowing from the EarthSong office.  Please contact us to make a time to visit our library and arrange to borrow, as currently we are only able to service requests in person. Click to access our current holdings by author: Library December 2013

Recent additions:

Friends of EarthSong Anne Elvey’s and Jan Morgan’s newly published works!

Elvey, Anne & Gormley-O’Brien, David (eds) Climate Change, Cultural Change: Religious responses and responsibilities Mosaic Press, 2013
Morgan, Jan Earth’s Cry: Prophetic Ministry in a more than human world Uniting Academic Press 2013

Schumacher’s brilliant perspectives on economics and its purpose:

Schumacher, E.F. Small is Beautiful: A study of economics as if people mattered 2011
Schumacher, Diana Small is Beautiful in the 21st Century: the legacy of E.F. Schumacher 2011
Harding, Stephan (ed.) Grow Small, Think Beautiful: Ideas for a Sustainable World from Schumacher College 2011

… And many more interesting reads!

Newell, John Philip Praying with the Earth: a prayer book for peace Canterbury Press 2011
Newell, John Philip A New Harmony: The Spirit, The Earth and the Human Soul 2012
Cooper, David E Convergence with Nature: a Daoist Perspective Green Books 2012
O’Murchu, Diarmuid In the beginning was the Spirit Orbis Books 2012
Vaughan-Lee, Llewellyn (ed.) Spiritual Ecology: the Cry of the Earth Golden Sufi Centre 2013
Plotkin, Bill Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche New World Library 2013
Treston, Kevin Emergence of Life Not Fall From Grace Mosaic Press 2013