Autumn 2013 Indigenous Voices

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Indigenous Voices

4 From the Editor
editorial pdf
Feature article
5 Singing through the sea: Song, Sea and Emotion –  John J. Bradley
Singing through the Sea pdf version
9 Four Seasons in Australia: Time to Rethink? – Caroline Smith
11 John J. Bradley
Feature article
12 A conversation with Jabirr-Jabirr man Rodney Augustine and his wife Susannah
15 Singing the Song – Naomi Turner
16 People, Spirit and Place – Julianne Manson
18 Sacredness of Country – our cultural connections – Julieanne Manson Regular
20 Are there roots that hold? Indigenous Voices – Jan Morgan
Feature Article
22 Of Land and Limb – Eliza Power
24 Wominjeka – Welcome! Indigenous Studies at Thornbury Primary School – Pat Long
26 Remembering with Pride – Fatima Measham
27 Off to School we Go: Inspiring Indigenous Initiatives – Alicia Flynn
Book Reviews
29 Singing Saltwater Country: Journey of the Songlines of Carpentaria
John Bradley with Yanyuwa families
The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia – Bill Gammage
A River Dreaming – Elizabeth Pike
31  What’s on