Volume 2, Issue 1

Perspectives in Ecology, Spirituality and Education















Rediscovering our ecological self – Caroline Smith

On desiring natureFreya Mathews

From the editor

5 Earth prayer – John Seed
Celebration of place
7 The further one goes – Paul Stewart
Ecological self
9 Re-discovering our ecological self – Caroline Smith
11 On desiring nature – Freya Mathews
15 The human levee – Naomi Turner
16 Claimed by Country III – Anne Elvey
Ecological self
18 The path inside – Maya Ward
Earth visionary
20 Edward Goldsmith: a true hero of the earth –
Katherine Victoria Goldsmith
21 The delight factor: exploring the role of landscape in
transformational learning – Christine Joy
23 Food for thought: school foodgarden
and cooking programs – Alicia Flynn
26 Teaching for the future: framing an environmentally sustainable
future through teacher education – Shane Lavery
Book reviews
29 Ecological Identity: Becoming a
Reflective Environmentalist – Mitchell Thomashow
30 The Way: An Ecological World-View – Edward Goldsmith
31 What’s on