Issue 7

Perspectives in Ecology, Spirituality and Education

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Table of Contents

Still glides the stream …
The Yarra Geoff Lacey 5

From the editor 3
Earth Visionary
Eric Bottomley and CERES Tom Kingston 13
Energy and Greenhouse Emissions Alan Baker 15
Faith and Science Chris Middleton 28
Celebration of Place
Ceres, a Goddess in our midst Maya Ward 19
Savernake Station Alex & Anne Stone 30
What has happened to our water? David Mitchell 21
Science for Primary Teachers at ACU National Caroline Smith 23
Personal Reflection
The river beneath … Glenn & Anna Abblitt 26
A way into the future John Avard 32
Seeking new images Ursula Nihill 33
Waiting for the big, er… any wet Naomi Turner 34
A bird show in my garden Jo Russell 45
The Spirituality of Earth Link 35
Eco Leaders – Mercy College, Koondoola Nancy Bonfiglio 38
Sustainability at Mildura West Primary School Marion Vorwerk 39
The river keeps calling me Wayne Atkinson 27
Spring Kerry Dawborn 29
What’s been happening
Sustainability workshop 46
Extensions at Glenburn 46
Book Reviews
Climate change Therese Power 42
Evening Thoughts Tom Kingston 42
Uno’s Garden Liam Baker 48
Readers’ forum 44
What’s on 47