Issue 6

Perspectives in Ecology, Spirituality and Education

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Table of Contents

Saltwater Spirituality Rosaleen Love 5
From the editor 3
Ancient Communities P Mark O’Loughlin 13
Earth Visionary
Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Gill Baker 15
Celebration of Place
The Australian Garden Bev Roberts 18
The Earth Dialogues and Beyond Richard A Slaughter 21
Educating in Place Christopher Holt 24
Student Voice
The Ecological Crisis: A Moral Issue Michael Nieuwesteeg 25
Personal Reflection
A Spirituality of gardening with natives Frank O’Dea 32
The Eucalyptus Tree Tanvir O’Hanlon 35
Trowel Power Kerry Dawborn 41
Drum Atweme in Alice Springs Anna Torres-Abblitt 36
Now that I know Krystal Holzer 37
Schools going green 38
Reef poem Mark O’Connor 9
Holding the Gaze Tony Newman 14
Gastropoda A M Carson 39
An autumn shower
Autumn harvest Cath James 40
What’s on … 43
Book Reviews 44
A Big Fix Gill Baker
Heat Peter Foord
Ecology at the Heart of Faith Patricia Foley
Readers’ forum 46