Issue 5

Perspectives in Ecology, Spirituality and Education

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Table of Contents

Seeking the Centre Roslynn Haynes 5
Desert Knowledge
Bush medicine for a bustling world Mark Stafford Smith 13
Desertification Glen D. Abblitt 27
From the editor 3
Personal Commitment
We must be the change we wish to see Jo Russell 16
Celebration of Place
Journey to the source of the Merri Freya Mathews 17
Spirituality in the ecology debate Tom Kingston 21
Lord of life Gretta Beveridge 24
Sacred Earth Program Ellie Taffe 25
Ethical Issues
Roses are blue? Caroline Smith 28
Gene Technology – an update Gill Baker 30
Earth Visionary
Maisie’s Babies Gill Baker 32
The Spirit of Gúmburú Paul Lucas 34
Engaging the Environment 37
Invasion Vivienne Benton 38
Readers Forum 41
For children
Ponding Gill Baker 45
Reviews 46
The Weather Makers Tom Kingston
Presents for the grandchildren Gill Baker
The World That We Want
Patterns of Australia
The Lorax
What’s On 46