Issue 4

Perspectives in Ecology, Spirituality and Education

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Table of Contents

Wallaby’s Gaze Wendy Chew 5
From the editor 3
Celebration of place
Myara Permaculture Pat Dare 12
Ecoliteracy Caroline Smith 15
Earth Visionary
Judith Wright Veronica Brady 19
Gene Technology Gill Baker 21
Reclaiming the connections Colin Hocking 35
Nature: a source of revelation Paul Corkeron 25
Economics v Ecology Alan Baker 28
Personal Commitment
Lake Cowal Eleanor Gilbert 31
Kangaroos Carol McDonough 34
Conversation with Sean McDonagh 38
Poetry and Reflections
The Tunnel Mary Tehan 40
An Australian Lyric Fina Woollcombe 24
Freezing Rosella 30
Sustainable Schooling 41
Environmental responsibility rewarded 43
Readers’ forum 45
Reviews 45
The Universe Series Jenny Kingston
PaGain Cosmology Veronica Brady
South of My Days Noelene Kelly
Flight to a floating horizon Naomi Turner
What’s On 46