Issue 3

Perspectives in Ecology, Spirituality and Education

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Table of Contents

From the editor 3

The Universe as Sacred Thomas Berry 5

The frogs of Oz Craig Cleeland 11

Dream on activist! Wendy Chew 31

Student voice

Corporate responsibility Julia Sutton 26

From power to relationship Lachlan Poulton 29


From the editor 3


Transpersonal ecology and spirituality

Mark O’Loughlin 14

Personal commitment

Lake Cowal Eleanor Gilbert 16


Reclaiming the connections Colin Hocking 22

Earth Visionary

Val Plumwood Kate Rigby 24


Seeking wisdom — Sir Gustav Nossal Gill Baker 34

Celebration of place

ErinEarth Carmel Wallis & Kaye Bryan 36

News from schools

Sustaining a vision Paul Dullard 39

Leading the way for a sustainable future Michelle Low 42

Readers’ forum 44

Poetry and reflections

‘Old Growth Forest’ Trevor Parton 38

‘Presents’ Caroline Smith 20

‘Under our feet’ Sean Walsh 44

Reviews 45

A Short History of Nearly Everything Naomi Turner

The Environment and Christian Faith Robin Pryor

Walk Lightly upon the Earth Tom Kingston

What’s on 47