Issue 13

Perspectives in Ecology, Spirituality and Education


How is our country?  Karen Alexander 5
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From the editor 3

The Eucalyptus Forest. Patricia Rose 12
Adjusting the Seasoning. Naomi Turner 21
Betwixt Sacred and Propane. Tony Wright 37
In love with being. Irena 39
Nature – the whole kit and caboodle. Phil Ingamells 14
More good news for biodiversity. Gill Baker 15
Earth Visionary
The Lone Eco-Ranger – Jill Redwood. Tom Kingston 16
Celebrating Bio-diversity
Fungus bio-diversity. Trevor Parton 19
Back from the Edge.  Gill Baker 36
Weeds or Wild Nature? David Holmgren 23
Gum Creek Dreaming. Robin Prior 26
The Garden. Suzannah Crawford 35
Prayer. Anne Elvey 40
Student Voice
A delegate for young people – Sam Millar. Gill Baker 27
Reconnecting with the Universe (2). Caroline Smith 29
Stone Circle –
Monte St Angelo Mercy College. Maggie Borger 34
Personal Commitment
Simple Living. Marie Grunke 41
Ethical Issues
Trouble in Tassie. Gill Baker
Reviews 44
Endgame (vol. 2): The Problem of Civilization. Tom Kingston
A Theology for the Earth. Peter Burdon
Pass it on. Peter Burdon
From Our Readers
Please do not abandon this journal  46
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