Issue 11

Perspectives in Ecology, Spirituality and Education

Feature article (pdf)

Table of Contents

Dreaming the stars Roslynn Haynes 5

Prehistoric astronomers in Europe Gill Baker 20
From the editor 3
Tender is the night Naomi Turner 13
Ethical Issues
Stars in our eyes Andrew Stephens 14
The ethical cost of gardens Roger Trowbridge 28
Disappearing elephants John Seed 42
Earth Visionary
Professor Penny Sackett 17
Journey to ecology via wilderness
and poetry – Trevor Parton Tom Kingston 40
Excitement and wonder about the universe Tanya Hill 18
Celebration of Place
The Earthrise photograph 23
Footprints on the Moon 26
Dayight/Nightlight Gill Baker 24
Disquiet Hugh Sharpe 29
Shadows Maya Ward 39
Vale Thomas Berry Wendy Chew 30
Right living Mary Tinney 32
Fundamental transformation Noel Blancowe 35
Who am I as a citizen of Earth? Catherine Keady 36
Student Voice
Student thoughts on climate change Marian College 38
From Our Readers 43
Reviews 44
The Christian Future and the Fate of Earth Therese Power
The Vanishing Face of Gaia Tom Kingston
Beyond the Brink Gill Baker
Six Degrees Tom Kingston
What’s on … 47