Issue 10

Perspectives in Ecology, Spirituality and Education

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Table of Contents

Eating mindfully Pat Long 5
From the editor 3
Heat Tom Kingston 11
Earth Visionary
Bob Phelps 12
Seed Savers in Australia Tom Kingston 33
Ethical Issues
Behind the food crisis Martin Oliver 14
Our Planet Our Lives Gill Baker 24
Celebration of Place
Good Earth Good Wine Gill Baker 17
Place-making in the ’burbs Catherine Keady
& Thierry Garcia 42
Does growing food ecologically
grow spirituality? Jill Finnane 18
Saying our graces 28
Honouring the Sacred Mary Tinney 37
Personal Commitment
A stoy of change Phil Tattersall 22
The Green Table Project 26
The Azaadi Project Cathie Bond 30
Kicking the habit Carol McDonough 40
Frittatas in the classroom Clare Grogan 34
A switch to 100 per cent green electricity
at no cost 36
Personal Reflection
The menu planner Naomi Turner 41
Business as usual Tom Kingston 44
Communion Marlene Marburg 29
Readers’ Forum 45
Book Reviews 46
A Year in a Bottle Gill Baker
A Slice of Organic Life Joan Kennedy
Soulcraft Joan Kennedy
What’s on … 47