The EarthSong Journal

EarthSong publishes a journal each Autumn and Spring. Each journal is centred around a particular ecological theme, and offers a broad range of works by a variety of talented and passionate writers. With powerful and informative articles, opinion pieces, poetry and book reviews, there is something in the EarthSong journal for everyone who has an interest in ecology, spirituality and seeing the wonder of nature from a unique perspective.


Every month, EarthSong publishes an email newsletter to keep you up-to-date with environmental news, upcoming EarthSong events and other events in the local community which offer our subscribers the opportunity to be more involved in their environment and to enhance their awareness of the world.


Our library houses around 900 books exploring the fields of cosmology, evolutionary science, spirituality, earth-ethics, eco-theology, sustainable living, planetary trends, earth based education, nature writing, poetry and ritual, among others.

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