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Black Hole photo: NASA images
Black Hole photo: NASA images

EarthSong programs aim

  • to deepen our relationship to Earth and the Universe
  • to re-awaken awe and wonder at the creative process
  • to evoke compassion for Earth’s diminishment
  • to invite commitment to a sustainable lifestyle

Invitational programs are customized to meet your needs and interest.

Topics could include:

  • Exploring the New Cosmology and the story of the evolving universe
  • Ecological Spirituality at the heart of sustainable living
  • Ecological Conversion and the role of the human in the modern world
  • Global Justice and issues of access to and use of Earth’s resources

Some formats that can be offered for schools, parishes and community groups are:

  • Study Groups: 5-8 people meeting regularly to discuss books, articles or videos. We have a small lending library that can be used for these sessions.
  • Presentations: one-off sessions on current themes.
  • Workshops: may be held for a full day, or as an afternoon or evening session.
  • Residential Courses: Residential programs offer an enhanced learning experience.
  • Extended Learning Modules: as an educational project, EarthSong has a particular interest in working with teachers, preferably in residential situations or over a series of sessions

Time for relaxed conversation and for browsing an extensive resource collection re-enforces the formal sessions. Each program is offered in a setting of natural beauty giving scope for outdoor ritual, reflection and activities.