Our staff

Pat Long and Anne Boyd share a little of their stories and what motivates their work as EarthSong’s project coordinators.



The opportunity to live, study and work at Genesis Farm, an ecological learning centre for re-inhabiting the Earth in New Jersey, transformed my life as an educator. My passion for deepening our relationship with Earth motivates my work as an EarthSong project coordinator. My studies for a Masters of Arts degree specializing in Ecology and the Human Spirit provided an opportunity for integrating my developing consciousness.

I see local community involvement as vital to this work. For me this includes coordination of a Transition Initiative building resilience in the face of climate change and peak oil as well as community gardening and food swaps which are favourite pastimes.



My awareness of the interconnectedness of social and ecological justice was a catalyst for joining with others who felt a call to a new way of being on Earth. The vision which emerged from dialogue between multiple religious orders provided a foundation for the emergence of EarthSong in 2003. As project coordinator I have enjoyed facilitating programs with a broad range of participants throughout Australia and elsewhere. A second major focus of my work is the editing of our journal EarthSong which explores ecology, spirituality and education within an Australian context.

Studies at Schumacher College in England, Genesis Farm in New Jersey and Sophia Centre in California have deepened and strengthened my commitment to the ‘great work’ of our time.

One of my most enjoyable and fruitful pastimes is the growing of food in my home garden.