Thomas Berry Colloquium: a reflection by Gerry Fahey

I came as might a Prokaryote,

Amid my kin, all wondering, all working,

Yearning to understand why we are here

And how we can be.

The drumming, the calling to attend,

The invite to be present.

To feel her mother’s country as it ran through our fingers

To see the myriad fires of People’s long ago.

To find our bone country,

To be humans, being Earth.

I came as an outsider,

An ‘ex’ of many things,

Catholic, Christian, and more.

Yet I felt the kinship of the wise silver haired gathering.

Of powerful and wise women,

Of rhythm and singing,

Of conversations,

All held, immersed in the stuff of Thomas.

Cups of tea and the community of life systems.

Electronic sounds and faces and the earth’s desire.

Voices and sharing from those who knew him,

Their presence calling out his presence,

His presence calling out the Earth.

And the challenge:

‘How would you describe your particular contribution to the great work?’

I ask the Prokaryote.

I ask the small seed, resting in my palm,

One of thousands dropped,

One of thousands that will never be tree.

Yet so essential,

For if there is not the single seed, there are no seeds!

Who can tell which seed will sprout?

We are all charged with the possibility,

Fired up to be creative, to be Earth,

Wanting only nourishment and light to sprout.

For this seed called Gerry,

The colloquium was such a nourishment.

I hope I sprout!