Thomas Berry Colloquium: a reflection by Jules Nathan Livingstone

Song at  Amberley riseeditIMG_7127

From high on the hill, borne aloft by the licking flames of the first five torches,
our voices drift up to the clouds, overseen by a blood orange moon.

Descending, we proceed to each new fire, while the gloaming melts into the moonlight,
singing a pilgrims’ homage

“Sacred fire burning bright
Powerful, creative light,
Energy immense and strong
Long ago and still now,
You blaze on and on!”

to timelessness.

Underfoot, textures and sounds scratch. Unshod, the dirt, fallen leaves, grass and gravel are freed to send sensations to our feet. Pacing our song, the tinder-dry leaves and sticks crack under our soft coddled soles, marking our steps.

Trees in stately vigil around us frame our passage, their leaves, fragrant eucalypt  in the hot wind, hushing gently, dark silhouettes  reaching skywards, conduits catalysing the planet’s breath.

I am nervous at the scale of creation, feeble trying to place its majesty.  Wandering and chanting, cardinal points in the formation of the universe, reflect the phases of human life. The river water whispers, running white over rocks and stones, a siren sound of the Yarra’s bends below, calling to our motion; hurtling forwards, alive.

I sense myself too, a part spinning in the rushing cycle of life.

Creation, Demise and Renewal –

Everything is life, everything is created and living – in the true scale of time.

Stealthily the darkness cloaks us on our journey, fading light confounds our sight and connection. Gathered together, in a loose formation around the final fire, the truth is altogether other…..

Gazing heavensward, steeped in moonlight, we may now embrace the night sky,
not as occlusion,
a songline to mysteries,
to our ancestors the stars.