At EarthSong, we understand the importance of deep reflection for enhancing our awareness of ourselves and the world around us. Reflection is an integral part of many of our programs. On this page, you will be able to access some reflections from past events and programs that we have held. If you have participated in a program and would like to contribute a reflection, we would love to hear about your experiences. Some of these will be published on our website. If you are interested, please email with your reflection.

2014 Thomas Berry Colloquium

This special weekend event, a joint initiative between Glenburn, Amberley and EarthSong, brought together around 60 people who have been influenced and inspired by Thomas Berry’s writings to celebrate 100 years since his birth. It aimed to create a deeper understanding of Berry’s work, through identifying the challenges in his writing, learning from those who have studied his work and celebrating his contributions to the new cosmology.


Click the links below to read insightful reflections from a number of those who attended the colloquium:


Presentation by Michelle Maloney

As part of the celebration, the Australian Earth Laws Alliance‘s National Convener, Michelle Maloney, gave a presentation titled “Responding to the Great Work: the Australian Earth Laws Alliance”. The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) strives to promote a more harmonious relationship between people and the Earth through education, research, promotion and advocacy. AELA recognises that our legal and political systems need to change so that they support the health of the planet, and does work both in Australia and internationally to make this happen. To access the AELA website, add your name to their mailing list, or to read Michelle’s presentation, click here.


“These three commitments…

  • to the natural world as revelatory
  • to the Earth community as our primary loyalty and
  • to the progress of the community in its integrity

… constitute the new religious spiritual context for carrying out a change of direction in human-Earth development.”

– Thomas Berry