EarthSong eNotes December 2014

Welcome to our final edition of eNotes for 2014!

Witnessing moonrise at Amberley.

Earth has myriad ways of inviting us into stunning beauty, if only we take the time to stop, watch and listen.  The experience of moonrise and sunrise draw us into ancient practices of attentiveness, revealing Earth's seasonal cycles of birth, life and death. Bearing witness to what is being born anew and what is fading away honours the creative life force at the heart of all emergence.  Let us be open to the joy that comes from embracing the sacred in all life. 

(photo: Mary White)


 What's happening at EarthSong


A reflection on the Thomas Berry Colloquium

Last month, participants at a special colloquium held at Amberley developed a deeper understanding of Thomas Berry’s work, through identifying the challenges in his writing, learning from those who have studied his work and celebrating his contributions to the new cosmology. Click here to read a detailed reflection on the event by Jules Nathan Livingstone of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance

2015 Program List

A full list of 2015 programs will be posted on the website at the end of January.  Watch for details of the familiar gatherings of reading and film circles, retreats and the Kildara series, and find out which new programs we'll be offering in 2015!


Recent additions to the EarthSong Library

Over the past decade, our library collection has grown to over 900 books and magazines, covering abroad range of themes. You can access our current holdings here. Please contact us to make a time to visit our library and arrange to borrow, as currently we are only able to service requests in person. Below are the latest additions to the EarthSong library:

Grace Undone: love - a book of poems by Marlene Marburg,  Windsor Scroll Publishing, 2014

Meditations with Thomas Berry: with additional material by Brian Swimme, selected by June Raymond, GreenSpirit Books 2010

The Intellectual Journey of Thomas Berry: Imagining the Earth Community,  Heather Eaton ed,  Lexington Books, 2014

Thomas Berry: Selected Writings on the Earth Community Mary Evelyn Tucker & John Grim (eds), Orbis Books, 2014 (soon to be published)

Recovering a Sense of the Sacred: Conversations with Thomas Berry, Carolyn W. Toben,  Timberlake Earth Sanctuary Press, 2012.

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Coming up this month


Closure of the EarthSong Office for Christmas

The EarthSong office will close on Wednesday, 17th December and re-open on 21st January 2015. We wish all of our wonderful readers a safe, happy and peaceful Christmas break, and would like to thank you all for your support throughout 2014. We very much look forward to seeing you in the New Year. 


Climate Change update

Have you heard the term Earth Jurisprudence before? This is a new legal theory that is gaining momentum around the globe as the dangerous consequences of climate change become more defined, and with this comes the realisation that our current systems are not protecting the planet. The theory proposes that we rethink our legal, political, economic and governance systems so that they support, rather than undermine, the integrity and health of the Earth. The concept is a great leap from our traditional, human-centred legal system, which treats the environment as a resource designed for human exploitation. The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) promotes the understanding and practical implementation of Earth Jurisprudence and ‘Wild Law’ in Australia. You can read more about AELA's mission and events here


Website of the month: The Story of Stuff Project

In brief, the aim of this fantastic site is to change the way we make, use, and dispose of Stuff, in order to create a happier and healthier planet. At this time of year, every billboard and television commercial is telling us to get shopping for Christmas. The Story of Stuff Project is on a mission to remind everyone in the community that Christmas should be about spending time with the people and places we love, not being caught up in the modern consumer frenzy: Buy less, live more! Click here to share a photo of something special that you do that doesn't involve a shopping spree, be it hiking, baking, drinking iced coffee... anything!