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Reflections on the EarthSong Symposium

Thank you to all those who attended our Annual Symposium, Celebrating the Life of Insects, in July. Below are some beautiful and inspiring reflections from some of those who attended the event: Thank you for offering us your insights!

Pat’s Reflection:

After hearing Patrick Honan’s  inspiring input on ‘The joys of working with insects ‘  I am more aware and in awe of planet earth. I loved his images too, of our amazing country.
Harry Nankin’s ‘A moth liturgy’ gave me an insight to the wonders of these tiny beings – and his use of colour was beautiful. 

By Pat Dimeck

Trudy’s Reflection:

The Earth Song symposium for this year “Celebrating the life of Insects” was indeed an EarthSong. A song of earth’s tiny creatures, their complexity and variety.

I was amazed again about their niches and their adaptations to survival. I was fascinated by the projects Patrick has been involved in and which he shared. Who would have thought of sending spiders into Space! Then Harry’s project… I appreciated the beauty and softness of the art works and appreciated his mentioning about his ethical questions about involving the Bogan Moths and disturbing them to accomplish his project. All in all I found the time provided me with a reflective space to ponder, relate, appreciate and celebrate the life of Insects with others committed to caring for our world.

By Trudy Keur

Barbara’s Reflection:

The EarthSong Symposium’s topic Insects resonated with me.  What we cannot see, or what does not enter our visual or aural fields very often, does not lessen their value or their right to be cared for and treasured. 

The Symposium was a timely reminder that it is not just the ‘popular’ or the ‘beautiful’ that are worthy of being saved from extinction.  Patrick Honan’s passion for this topic was inspiring; it was a gift to hear him tell how he and the team brought back the Lord Howe Island stick insect from the brink of extinction; this should have struck a rally cry in all our hearts.  Harry Nankin’s artistic tribute to the bogong moth, was both moving and beautiful.  The Symposium made me want to learn more, and do more for the insect world.  As soon as I arrived home I went on-line to research the flameau butterfly, which drinks the tears of the caiman (crocodile) (this butterfly was mentioned during our closing ceremony). 

I also wrote a haiku for the bee:

Yellow-striped angels

bless, birthing Eden’s honey-

halos on toast.

By Barbara Allen


Les’s Reflection:

“If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago….. If humans were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos. (E.O. Wilson)

The Insect symposium invited us into the world of Bugs with their subjectivity and innate sense of being. We were taken into the world of Spiders, Cicadas, Bogong Moths, Stick Insects and Bees. We heard of each with its own unique story of survival and connectedness with Earth. Patrick, Harry and Blanche did this through their scholarship, fieldwork and creativity, but especially through their respect for the creatures as subjects. May all the Earthlings who call Earth, their common Home, experience, promote and generate rich equilibrium and mutuality. 

By Les Hetherton

Some special moments from the Symposium: 

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Reconnecting with Nature through poetry: Poetrees

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