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Coming up on May 24: Responding to Climate Change Panel

Come along to Wesley Church Melbourne  (148 Lonsdale St Melbourne) to hear a fantastic panel that explores the problem of climate change and how we ought to respond. Speakers include Ellen Sandell MLA (Member for Melbourne), Prof Dr David Karoly (Professor of Atmospheric Science at The University of Melbourne) and Alex Tzelepis (Wesley College Environment and Sustainability Prefect).

24 May 2015, 2-4pm (musical entertainment from 1:45pm).

NEEN Learning Community Forum

The National Energy Efficiency Network (NEEN) was started by Catholic Earthcare Australia and its partners in recognition of the importance of Australia’s not-for-profit and community organisations and a desire to support these organisations through enhancing their ability to network, learn and collaborate. It aims to help these organisations maximise their energy and resource efficiency, and to promote sustainable development.

NEEN has recently launched a Learning Community Forum to help everyone learn about efficiency and sustainability! Learn more about the forum and how you can become a NEEN member here.

Network June 5: World Environment Day

World Environment Day is coming up on 5th June, and this year the theme is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” There is an unfortunate misconception around the world that the Earth’s resources are there for humans to exploit without having consideration for how their actions affect the planet: World Environment Day is all about changing that, through encouraging awareness and action! Read more information through the Uniting Church’s website here.

The EarthSong Library

Have you paid a visit to our library before?  We hold around 900 books exploring the fields of cosmology, evolutionary science, spirituality, earth-ethics, eco-theology, sustainable living, planetary trends, earth based education, nature writing, poetry and ritual, among others.  Subscriptions to magazines dedicated to similar fields enhance this body of knowledge. These resources are available for borrowing from the EarthSong office.  Feel free to come and browse the collection, or email if you are seeking a particular text. You can find out more and access a list of some of the resources through our resources page.

The Autumn Journal: Wild Law

“In some ways this edition of the journal is more political than usual and so it must be. When we are referring to spirituality it can often sound like a nice, cosy, secure retreat. Not at all! No spirituality is valid if it is simply a personal piousity or devotion. Every genuine spirituality must result in action. Ecospirituality is no exception. It is not simply about us enjoying the beauty and even the terror of nature, rather it is about understanding the sacred nature of all being, assigning rights and wellbeing to all life and acting to ensure that these are accepted, respected and protected by the human community.” – Anne’s Editorial

Our latest journal is an important read, featuring articles on Earth Jurisprudence and the Rights of Nature, Law as if Science Mattered, a reflection on the life of Eric Bottomley and many more! Click here for a detailed contents page and to access some of the articles.

May eNotes

View this month’s edition here.

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