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The Autumn Journal: Wild Law

“In some ways this edition of the journal is more political than usual and so it must be. When we are referring to spirituality it can often sound like a nice, cosy, secure retreat. Not at all! No spirituality is valid if it is simply a personal piousity or devotion. Every genuine spirituality must result in action. Ecospirituality is no exception. It is not simply about us enjoying the beauty and even the terror of nature, rather it is about understanding the sacred nature of all being, assigning rights and wellbeing to all life and acting to ensure that these are accepted, respected and protected by the human community.” - Anne’s Editorial

Our latest journal is an important read, featuring articles on Earth Jurisprudence and the Rights of Nature, Law as if Science Mattered, a reflection on the life of Eric Bottomley and many more! Click here for a detailed contents page and to access some of the articles.

Coming up Friday April 24 – Sunday April 26: Triple Ecology Gathering

The Triple Ecology Gathering is an exploration into nature, where all participants are encouraged to offer their own workshop on a theme related to Deep, Sacred, or Healing Ecology. The gathering aims to connect the head, heart and hands of the human community with the rest of nature. What we discover together will be truly unique! The event is a benefit for the Rainforests of the Amazon headwaters being organised for the Rainforest Information Centre by the Triple Ecology Collective. It is a gathering for those who want to take these steps, coming together having fun, making new connections and enjoying life in a beautiful scenic location.

The Three Ecologies:

DEEP ECOLOGY – dissolving separation between human and nature
SACRED ECOLOGY – acknowledging aspects of the natural world requiring reverence and understanding
HEALING ECOLOGY – the two way experiences of healing between nature and human

24-26 April at King Lake, Victoria. Arrival is welcome any time over the 3 days from 11am Friday, Friday lunch provided as well and events begin at 2pm. The Triple Ecology Gathering is a FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT. Children of all ages are welcome to attend. Click here for more information.

April eNotes

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