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A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity

A documentary that empowers us to see a way of life that positively responds to the overlapping global crises of climate change and consumerism

A group of us recently watched this film, by Happen Films in association with the Simplicity Institute, which explores why an alternative to industrial civilisation is needed and shows what such an alternative would look like. “Genuine progress today means building a new, more resilient world based on permaculture, simple living, renewable energy, and localised economies. Most of all, we need to reimagine the good life beyond consumer culture and begin building a world that supports a simpler way of life. This does not mean hardship or deprivation. It means focusing on having enough, for everyone, forever.”

You can access the film by clicking here. Enjoy!

eNotes July 2016

Click here to view our latest edition of eNotes. Please note that the link to information on the symposium is not working. You can access Symposium information here.

Reconnecting with Nature through poetry: Poetrees

In this urban labyrinth of concrete towers, asphalt and exhaust, we sometimes find ourselves scarily disconnected from the natural world, forgetting that as human beings, we are simply a part of Nature and her wonders. Poetrees helps each of us to reconnect with Nature by capturing our thoughts about the trees that are special to us in poems, and sharing them with the wider community. Click here to watch a beautiful video about what Poetrees is all about, or upload a poem about your favourite tree by visiting the Poetrees website!

2016 Programs

EarthSong’s programs for 2016 are now available. As always, we are offering a broad range of seminars, reflection days, nature walks, reading circles and retreats throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to attend any one of our programs, which seek to foster a deepened, more meaningful, relationship with the earth and wider universe. We emphasise reflection, appreciation for the beauty of nature and exploration of the greater mysteries.

Click here to view our 2016 program brochure. Register for any of our programs through this form.

Our Journal goes digital!

We are excited to announce that our biannual journal is now available in digital and print form. Please click here if you would like to subscribe to the journal or purchase a previous edition.

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