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July 5 – 12th: Celebrating NAIDOC Week

NAIDOC week is celebrated every year, and is an opportunity for us to acknowledge the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The 2015 Theme is We all Stand on Sacred Ground: Learn, Respect and Celebrate. As the oldest continuing culture on the planet, the living culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is intrinsically linked with many sacred places throughout the land. This year’s theme calls us to acknowledge the people who dedicate themselves to caring for land, sea and culture and to celebrate our many sacred and significant places, as well as to pay respect to the beautiful land on which we stand. Visit the NAIDOC website for information about ways to be involved this week, including great events happening throughout Australia.

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Good news for the Barrier Reef: Momentum against the Adani coal mine grows

Engineering work on the Adani coal project in the Galilee Basin (Queensland) has stopped, as an increasing number of lenders have decided not to fund the project. On July 1, however, UNESCO, announced that the Great Barrier Reef will remain on its watch list, a clear sign that it has little confidence in our government’s ability to protect the reef. According to a report by the Climate Council, if all of the Galilee Basin coal was burned, Australia’s emissions would more than double to 705 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, signifying how important it is for the future of Australia’s climate and the health of the Reef that the project not go ahead.

Click here to view a video about why Australians are speaking out against the Commonwealth Bank’s investment in the Adani project.

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In Annie’s Garden: a reflection by Oliver Cassar

We invite all those involved with EarthSong to share reflections of their experiences of connection with the Earth. Oliver wrote the following beautiful reflection many years before he became associated with the teachings of Thomas Berry and EarthSong:


During a Thich Nhat Hanh retreat in Warburton we were taken to Annie’s Garden, an extensive bush property at the foot of the range. There we were told: Meditate on a tree which attracts you.

I chose to observe and be open to a giant gum tree across the valley but as I watched and watched my chosen tree, I started to get a strong feeling that my attention was being disregarded.  This is what happened, what I felt, what spoke to me:

“You behold me, you behold my majesty

But  I’m not alone,    I    a m   n o t    a l o n e !”

Swirling tracery of dark branches brandished on a smaller tree

beckoned,  …  beckoned my attentiveness.

A sister tree, nursing under the canopy of a sturdy mighty brother ….

My chosen giant gum tree.

One sheltering, the other protecting … being, loving, uniting

Looking, observing,   b e i n g   t h e r e

to previous garden strollers,

past gardeners, path builders.

Accepting reverence, giving inspiration

communing with indigenous women, indigenous men

Always harbouring, sheltering, giving, p r o t e c t i n g:

Insects, birds, reptiles and mammals

As it lives, living and dying …. l i v i n g   a n d   d y i ng ….

With others,  … for others.


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The EarthSong Library

Have you paid a visit to our library before?  We hold around 900 books exploring the fields of cosmology, evolutionary science, spirituality, earth-ethics, eco-theology, sustainable living, planetary trends, earth based education, nature writing, poetry and ritual, among others.  Subscriptions to magazines dedicated to similar fields enhance this body of knowledge. These resources are available for borrowing from the EarthSong office.  Feel free to come and browse the collection, or email if you are seeking a particular text. You can find out more and access a list of some of the resources through our resources page.

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